About Mrs. Sullivan

  • My name is Mrs. Sullivan and I am a Cross-Categorical Special Education Teacher at LutherElementary School in the School District of Fort Atkinson.  This is my 12th year of teaching.  I teach students in third, fourth and fifth grade.  Students come to my classroom for specialized instruction in reading, language arts and mathematics, and for assistance with tests and sensory breaks.  I also support students with academic and social behaviors in their general education classroom. 

    I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse in 2006.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, grades 1 - 9.  I also have a teaching certificate in Cross-Categorical Special Education, grades 1 - 9.  In 2008, I earned my Masters of Education from Carroll University in Waukesha, WI. 

    I live here in Fort Atkinson with my family. Finnley will be turning 6 years old this November.  Delaney turned 3 in June. We had a busy summer with many trips up north to Grandma and Grandpa's cabin. We also went to the zoo, museum, beach and spent a lot of time playing outside or swimming in our pool.

    Kids Delaney (3) & Finnley (5)


    I also have a cat named Ty who is 15 years old and a dog named Mylee who is 4 years old.


      Ty                              Mylee