FAHS Homecoming 2021 Info!

  • 1:30 Monday Release Bell Schedule

    70 minute classes with a 10 minute check-in enrichment


    Block 1 A/B 7:50-9:00

    Block 2 A/B 9:05-10:15


    Early Lunch                            Middle Lunch                 Late Lunch

    Lunch 10:15-10:45                   Class 10:20-10:55           Class 10:20-11:30

    Class 10:50-12:00                    Lunch 10:55-11:25          Lunch 11:30-12:00

                                                     Class 11:25-12:00


    Enrichment 12:05-12:15

    Block 5 A/B 12:20-1:30






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    emotional support resources  

    Please click here to access our emotional support resource page. 



    Remember to check your email often for updates from your teachers and the school.  Need an email address or password?  Contact 920-563-7811, x1151.




    Need a Chromebook?  Have a tech issue?  Contact 920-563-7811, x1151.

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Critical Updates

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