1Fort Forward
    • We are so excited to welcome our students and staff to the 2020-2021 school year!


    • District Information and Guidelines

      For information on district-wide topics such as the decision-making process for fall, FAQs, learning formats, district-wide communications, etc. please view the district webpage here.

    • Purdy Elementary Guidelines

      Based off of the district-wide safety guidelines, Purdy Elementary has created our very own back-to-school handbook for our students and families.  This handbook contains information about what our health and wellness procedures are at our school for this fall.  

    • Learning Format Options

      To learn more about the different learning format options, please review this district webpage.

      If a family’s learning format preference changes, families must notify the district by Wednesday, August 26 using the Change of Learning Format Request Form on the District website.  This form will be available next week.  

      The district is encouraging families to commit to a learning format selection for one quarter (9 weeks).   If a family feels a change in learning format needs to occur within the quarter due to an unexpected circumstance or academic need, requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

      If a student falls ill they will be transitioned to the virtual format during their time away and may return once the quarantine time period has been completed.

    • 2020-2021 District Communication

      Please click here.

  • Purdy Elementary Communications

    Leigh Ann Scheuerell, Principal scheuerelll@fortschools.org

    Judith McDonald, Administrative Assistant mcdonaldj@fortschools.org

    Kristine Hofer, Office Paraprofessional hoferk@fortschools.org

    Suzanne Deuster - Office Paraprofessional deusters@fortschools.org

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