Mr. Brad Gefvert
  • Brad Gefvert, Associate Principal

    (920) 563-7811, x1105

Brad Gefvert, Associate Principal

  • On behalf of the faculty and staff at Fort Atkinson High School, I welcome each of you to a new and exciting school year!  The many opportunities that exist at F.A.H.S. will allow you to gain valuable knowledge, skills and experiences upon which you may build a bright future.  Please take your high school education seriously as it will have a lasting influence on the rest of your life.  


    If at any time you have questions, please do not hesitate to call me or other staff members so we may assist you.  I primarily work with students with the last names starting from A-L, and am willing to help with any student at FAHS! 


    A student’s high school experience should truly represent some of the very best years of his or her life…I intend to make the high school experience just that!  I look forward to working with you to make your high school years meaningful and fulfilling for you and all of our students.  


    Additionally, I serve as the National Honor Society and prom advisor.