Mrs. Gustin's Homepage - Purdy 2nd Grade



    I am very excited to be working with you and your student this year.  My first priority is your student, and I have high expectations for each of them.  Below is some information about this school year.


         This year we have a new schedule that I am very excited about!   Most days students will have 2 specials, and they will have more music and art than in previous years.  Instead of the 10 day cycle, there is an A day and a B day (much easier to remember!).  

    • A Day- Art and Music
    • B Day- PE and Library, Guidance or Health

     Second grade lunch is from 11:20 to 12:05. 

    I will be sending home a monthly schedule of our specials class (PE, Music, Art, Book Checkout, IMC) and other important dates as part of their daily behavior calendar.  That way you have a quick reference.  Help your student keep that calendar in their folder!  Also, if you are on Facebook, search for the group “Mrs. Gustin’s class 2019-2020” and ask to join.  This is a closed group only seen by the members, myself and parents.


    Reading: Students will have 15-20 minutes of reading 5 days a week. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOU CAN DO AT HOME!  Your child will be bringing a take-home book from our class library that is to be returned the following day.  They can also read books from home or the library.  You can also include time you read to your student.  Make it fun and enjoy time reading or talking about the books he/she reads.  If the books are too difficult or easy, let me know and I will help them pick some “just-right” books.  You will put a star on their behavior calendar to show that your child has read each night. 


    We will NOT have nightly math homework.  Instead, have your child run around outside, play board games, enjoy family time, etc.


    On the report card subjects are broken down into sub skills and students will earn a 1, 2, 3, or 4. 

    o         1-minimal understanding, does not meet grade-level expectations

    o         2-basic understanding, partially meets grade-level expectations

    o         3-proficient understanding, meets grade-level expectations

    •    4-advanced understanding, exceeds grade level expectations. 



    Midmorning we will have a short milk and snack break.  Milk can be purchased by the semester for $30 or $60 for the year.  To ensure that everyone gets a small snack each day, we will have a community snack cupboard.  I’m asking that you please send a snack to school with your child to share and store in our snack cupboard once a month.  I will provide snacks the first week.  When we need more snacks throughout the year, I will ask for more in the newsletter. 

    Water Bottles

    Students may bring a filled water bottle each day to school.  Water bottles need to be the kind that can be closed off so they won’t spill.  It can be a washed out plastic pop bottle so you won’t have to purchase anything.   Make sure it is labeled with a permanent marker.  They may contain ONLY water (no pop, flavored water, juice). 



    I appreciate your support!