Wednesday, Sept. 5th   Introduction to Calculus/ Pre-test for Algebra Skills
    Friday, Sept. 7th             P. 1 Functions and Graphs                         HW: P.1, p. 8 dueTuesday
    Tuesday, 9/11                P.2 Linear Models and Rates of Change    HW: p. 16 due Thursday
    Thurs., 9/13                   Start P. 3, work on Function Packets        HW: p. 27 due next Wed, but try to                                                                                                                              have some of it done by Monday.
    Monday, 9/17                   Finish  P. 3                                                                 
    Wed., 9/19                       Unit Circle work and P. 4 Fitting Models to Data
    Friday, 9/21                     1.1 A Preview of Calculus
    Tuesday, 9/24                 Assessment on Unit P, then begin 1.2 Finding Limits