School's Out For Summer

  • Well, it is hard to believe that this year is past

    And all the great memories – we had such a blast!

    I think we can say that we had some good times

    Like starting the year with our crazy nursery rhymes!


    For some, your fear was that the year might be scary

    But you did not worry when we taught you how to “BARRIE”.

    And who could forget the student / teacher team walker race

    When Mr. Sykes, our anchor, may have caused us LAST place!


    The leaves started changing and it soon became fall

    And our new Kindergartners were starting to stand tall.

    Our teachers would tell you it was hard to think we got paid

    To have so much fun at the Halloween Parade.


    And who could forget us all packed in the high school auditorium

    For our cool Christmas programs – oh what Pandamonium!

    Who could imagine that at the end of the winter we’d say

    That we wouldn’t have one – no not even one – relaxing SNOW DAY!


    Now eighty degrees in the middle of March was insane

    But not as much as when the teachers won the Barrie volleyball game!

    And speaking of fun and that competitive hunger

    Let’s see who’s the winner of the coveted “Golden Plunger”!


    Wow! May really flew by – did anything happen, let’s see…

    Oh yes – at the picnic – having whipped cream smashed all over me!

    And at the pool, just this week, not a single life vest

    While all the workers there told me that Barrie’s the best!


    Your teachers, they’ll miss you, and I do not mean to bug,

    But on your way out I know they would love a big hug!

    Now please do not worry – don’t say it’s a bummer

    ‘Cause you’ll want to scream and shout – “School’s Out For Summer”!