Homework Expectation

  • Homework Expectations

    Students will have homework daily. Class time is allowed for assignments. Students who use their time wisely will have less work to be completed at home. 

    Any work not finished in school is to be taken home as homework. If assignments are incomplete, your child will be kept in for recess to work on the assignment. If your child is frequently not doing his/her homework, it may be necessary for him/her to stay after school to work on late assignments. 

    It is recommended that a special place free of distractions in the home is established for students to complete their work. Many families find it helpful to schedule  a specific homework time for their child. This helps students realize the importance of this work and helps them manage their time.

    If your child has a question, about their homework or something happening at school, please encourage him/her to first try on their own to find the answer. If this does not work, ask an adult at home or call a classmate.

    If your child is absent from school for any reason, they are required to make up all missing work. When he or she returns, we will sit down together and talk about alternative due dates. If you know ahead of time about an absence, please advise the school and teacher so homework that will be missed may be provided. 

    Typical weekly homework may include:

    Math - Students will be starting a new math program called Everyday Math.  You can expect a Study Link worksheet to be sent home nightly as homework.  This worksheet will consist of 10-15 problems which will be expected to be finished and returned the next morning. 

    **Please have your child practice their flashcards for 10 minutes every night. Students are expected to master their multiplication and division facts for 0-12's by the end of the 1st quarter.

    Reading 1st quarter -  25 minutes
                   2nd quarter - 30 minutes
                   3rd quarter - 35 minutes 
                   4th quarter -  40 minutes

    Social Studies/Science - work completed during class time
                   *Class projects may require additional work outside of class

    Penmanship - Cursive practice sheets will be provided to refine their cursive writing skills 

    Writing -  assignments may be short in the 1st semester but as writing assignments become more detailed, students may need time at home to complete their writing.