Quarter 4

  • Quarter 4



    This quarter we will do a genre study on poetry looking at both structured and unstructured poetry.  We will look at the basic characteristics of poetry, study the different types, and recognize the rhythm and vocabulary used in different poems.  One strategy that we will be focusing on is visualizing,  which is using mental images to enhance our comprehension. 


    We will start off the quarter by studying plane shapes and solid figures.  Then we will move into our measuring unit looking at length, capacity, weight, and temperature.  And the end of the year we will look at some basic multiplication concepts as well as 2's, 5's, and 10's facts. 

    Writing Workshop

    This quarter each student will be creating their own poetry book, which will include many different types of poems.  Students will use what they have learned from our poetry genre study in reading to develop their very own collection of poems.  Students will choose the topics for each poem and use their creativity to express their thoughts and ideas. 

    Social Studies

    Our last unit in Social Studies is Economics.  Students will learn about how people save and spend money.  We will also look different occupations and good and services that people provide in a community.   At the end of this quarter students will have their final map test which will appear on their report cards.  The test will include: a World Map, a map of North America, and a United States map.