Quarter 3

  • Quarter 3



    This quarter we will be exploring the 3 different kinds of folktales: tales that explain a natural phenomena, trickster tales, and tales that reflect different cultures. Students are also working on asking questions before, during and after they read.  These questions can: clarify meaning, make predictions, check understanding, locate specific answers, and allow students to think about the author's purpose. 


    In math this quarter we will begin with a time unit, in which we will learn to tell time using 5 minute intervals.  Then we will learning 2-digit subtraction with and without regrouping.  The last unit of the quarter will be on fractions.

     Writing Workshop

    This quarter we really focus on the six traits and do more free writing.  Students will be able to choose what type of story they want to write and brainstorm their ideas.  Students will move through the writing process developing their rough drafts, editing their writing, and publishing their work.  I will conference with students and we will be sharing our work as a class to see what areas students are doing well, as well as what they can do to enhance their writing.  

    Social Studies

    Our third unit in Social Studies is Government.  Students will learn about voting, presidents, laws, and national symbols.  We will continue to study our 3 second grade maps including: a World Map, a map of North America, and a United States map.