Quarter 2

  • Quarter 2



    This quarter we focus on non-fiction books as part of our genre study.  Students will study different text features such as table of contents, headings, caption, etc.  One of the strategies we focus heavily on this quarter is inferring.  We want students to be able to use evidence from a text and infer information like how characters are feeling or what message the author is trying to convey. 


    We start off the quarter with a graphing unit where we look at the different types of graphs and how to interpret them.  Then we will move into our money unit where we will use pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and half dollars to make and count different amounts up to $1.00.  After that we will explore 2-digit addition with and without regrouping.

     Writing Workshop

    This quarter we will work on our animal reports as part of our non-fiction genre study in reading.  Students will have the opportunity to choose a non-fiction text from the library and will collect information for their reports.

     Social Studies

    Our second unit in Social Studies is History.   This unit focuses on the Native Americans, settlers, and immigrants that came to North America. We will continue to study our 3 second grade maps including: a World Map, a map of North America, and a United States map. Map tests are given at the end of each quarter and grades will appear on report cards both 2nd and 4th quarter.